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1. Thorax

Lung cancer tissue diagnosis in poor lung function: addressing the ongoing percutaneous lung biopsy FEV1 paradox using Heimlich valve


2. Thorax

Ambulatory percutaneous lung biopsy with early discharge and Heimlich valve management of iatrogenic pneumothorax: more for less


3. Journal of Thoracic Oncology

Exogenous lipoid pneumonia mimicking multifocal bronchogenic carcinoma


4. Clinical Radiology

Systemic arterial air embolism after percutaneous lung biopsy


5. European Journal of Radiology

Primary adenocarcinoma of the lung: A pictorial review of recent updates


6. The British Institute of Radiology

The radiological spectrum of pulmonary lymphoproliferative disease

1. NHS Cancer Challenge Prize

Patients in London are receiving earlier lung cancer diagnosis and treatment thanks to an innovative way of performing lung biopsies at Barnet Hospital, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.


2. The Royal College of Radiologists

Congratulations to Dr Sam Hare, Consultant Thoracic Radiologist (pictured holding trophy) and colleagues from Barnet Hospital, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust for winning the first ever NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Cancer.


3. The Times

Fast and cheap test raises hope against lung cancer.The method allows patients to spend only an hour in an outpatient clinic, rather than a day in a hospital bed. Even if their lung collapsed — a complication of lung biopsies — patients could still be sent home.


4. NHS England

The NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes exist to encourage, recognise and reward these frontline ideas, and support innovators in getting them embedded across the NHS. Dr Sam Hare, said: “It is a huge privilege to be honoured with this NHS Innovation award. This is an exciting opportunity to help shape a new and brighter landscape for lung cancer patients."


5. London Cancer

Sam Hare, consultant thoracic radiologist and chief of radiology at Barnet hospital, is pioneering a new technique to test for lung cancer, which has the potential to spare patients from days in hospital and could allow for earlier diagnosis.


6. Fitzwilliam College Alumni News

The new method, which uses a small compact device called the Heimlich valve chest drain, instead of a traditional bulky chest drain, could free up hospital beds and increase tenfold the number of life-saving tests carried out each year

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